Vistaprint Logo Maker Alternative

Last updated: June 30, 2022

How to Use the Vistaprint Logo Maker Alternative

1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo
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Vistaprint Logo Maker Alternative

The Vistaprint logo maker is listed as a top logo maker but if you like cool logo fonts and designer logos, Mojomox is best. Check out why.

Free Online Logo Idea Creator

It’s best practice to begin the logo design process by looking at design inspiration and doing competition reviews rather than diving immediately into any logo editor. What alternatives do your clients have? How do these alternatives look and sound? What fonts are they using, and what colors are they using? You’ll spend less time designing your logo if you do a thorough competitive review before getting started with your own design.

If you like, check out the free Mojomox logo ideas maker. Add your company name into the input field and you’ll see lots of logo ideas show up. Each logo has a set color scheme that you can modify later.

Some of the logos will simply be wordmarks or text logos, while other designs will include a logo symbol—an icon placed before the word. After choosing a baseline, both can be modified in the logo editor.

Online Logo Maker with Cool Fonts

Inside the editor, you can try out different fonts, adjust the font weight and letter spacing. The coolest feature, however, is the mix-and-match letter system. Click on a letter of your company name inside the large white editing area and you’ll see more design options for that letter. Click on a different design and the letter will be swapped with the original one. In the sidebar, you can also adjust color palettes—either pick from the defaults or customize your own palette with the color pickers right below the presets.

Once you’re done, you can download your logo—not for free but at very affordable price options. Each logo comes as an image file that you can resize to the format you like, and a vector PDF (only 2nd tier package and higher) that you can edit in Illustrator and other vector programs.

Need help using Mojomox?

Reach out via the Questions button in the button right corner if you have questions or email me at

By the way, if you do like the app, you can also use the business cards maker right inside Mojomox. We have a large modern business card template library that lets you create cards with Vistaprint sizes. Your logo and colors from the logo maker will be added into the templates automatically so that you only have to change your text.