Modern S logo—Cool letter designs

Last updated: March 7, 2023

Modern S logo design inspiration with ideas

Logos with the letter S are amongst the top searched letter designs. Check out a few examples below for inspiration.

letter s logo design
A variety of different letter s logo designs.

S logo idea creator for modern designs

s text logo
Pick a letter S design by typing S into a design app like Mojomox, with or without additional brand name, select a letter S design from the Symbol palette and try out different color palettes. When done, download the file at the top right.

If you’re looking to design a modern logo for your company starting with the letter S, you can try out the free Mojomox logo ideas generator. You’ll see a hundred logo designs popping up immediately.

For additional letter S options, click on one of the logos on the logo ideas page and you’ll get into the logo maker app.

Customize your letter S

From there, you can click on your letter S (inside the white editing area) of your company name and a dropdown with more letter S designs will show up. If you click on another S option, the old letter S will get swapped out with the new one.

In the sidebar (right side on a desktop computer, or right below the logo editor on an iPhone, or any other phone or smaller device), you can play with the font weight slider and the entire logo mark will get lighter or bolder.

A bit of a hidden section where you can find more abstract letter S shapes made from circles, lines and rectangles, you can find when you click on “Logo Symbols” and select “Letters 01 — 03”—the sliders below that section allow you to customize your letter S design.

s logo options
Inside the logo maker app, click on a letter of your company logo to select another letter design. This is a modern way to design business marks that will make your logo look cool.

To get started with the Mojomox logo and letter maker, type your brand name into the field below:

1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo