Mojomox is the new standard for online logo design.

Tight budget or still testing product-market fit? Create great-looking wordmark logos fast with presets and customized details that fit your brand.

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Getting the best from an online logo maker

We set out to make a logo maker that creates the best logos online. Through our agency experience (we specialize in branding for startups and big brands like Netflix), we created a unique design-code pattern that we know makes logos successful and that stand the requirements for modern branding, including web, app and mobile design, packaging and classic formats like business cards.

From working with startups we know tight budgets and the pains of pivoting until product-market fit is found. With our logo maker, you can create logos for free online to test your logo on your site or app. You only pay for hi-res files that are ready for web and print. The hi-res files come in a logo package including logo sizes for social media and sample applications according to your industry so that you can get started right away.

How to integrate brand strategy into online logo making

While designers (we include ourselves too) love to roll their eyes at all the automatic design tools out there, we know that with today’s technology we can get actually close to making great-looking designs through automation.

Creating a design that stands out in a specific market segment is based on one thing that big brands build on but startups don’t talk about enough: Successful logos are rooted in a brand strategy–the way you’d like to position your brand.

You might be interested in going through these free brand strategy exercises here, and if you don’t have time, just remember the following two things:

1) Find one word that you’d want your customers to think when they think of you, and

2) Transfer that one word metaphorically into your design – that’ll give your logo & color choice meaning.

What is your one word and how is it shown in your logo selection?

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