101 Microblading Logo Ideas

Last updated: June 10, 2022

Logo Ideas for a Makeup Studio Doing Eyebrow and Eyelash Designs

Before starting off with the design of a new logo, it’s best to research other companies and competitors in the same space. For microblading logo ideas, you can also get inspiration from beauty brand logos in general. Here are a few beauty logo examples. Or, take a look at brands like Fleek or SMP INK. Notice that most of the top brands have a minimal logo, usually just made from letters—or “type,” as branding designers say. An easy way to dive into logo ideas is to simply use our little helper tool, the logo ideas generator. Type in your studio or brand name and you’ll see a hundred ideas being created.

How to Design an Original Microblading Logo with a Logo Maker

To make a logo design original, most people think they have to get creative but professional designers actually start with brand strategy. Brand strategy is a collection of words that come to people’s minds when thinking of a brand. In the case of a microblading studio, the collection could look like this: eyebrows, makeup, microblading, ink, glamorous, royal, neighborhood studio salon.

Test your microblading logo ideas by downloading a png or taking a screenshot of various designs.

As a next step, distribute each word to be covered by one aspect of all of your design and text elements. For example, the microblading business name could be Studio Labelle, the tagline could be Glamorous makeup and eyebrows. Now “microblading” could be shown by using a font that is cut or sliced, the word “royal” could be covered by picking a color palette like dark purple and gold—colors that mean royalty.

Logo Inspiration to Use for Beauty Businesses

Besides your brand strategy word cloud, you can also start a mood board with examples of photos, colors and tints, words, shapes, competitor designs, and other elements that help you during the design process. Small things like a heart, a specific shape, expression, type of face will provide inspiration on an ongoing basis and complete your brand picture over time.

Microblading Logo Ideas That Work Well IRL

Is your business a real store and should it be called salon, spa, or studio? Remember to make everything easy to grasp in a split second. People scroll through their social feed fast, don’t waste your marketing budget and time on communication that isn’t clear. If in doubt, test your microblading logo ideas by downloading a png or taking a screenshot of various designs. Show them to potential customers, upload them to your demo website, or any other materials that you have in mind producing later. Thin fonts are hard to read when small, long business names are harder to remember, and a color palette that’s too close to your competitor’s makes it harder for you to stand out.