100+ cool M-logo designs

M logo designs

M logo inspiration

The starting letter M for logos is one of the most popular letters! For inspiration, check out a few letters below. All of the M logo letters are coming from different fonts. Some designs fit better into the rest of a wordmark, others stand out more and take on the function of a logo symbol. One example is the letter M inside a circle toward the bottom of the image.

modern m logos
Different letter M logo designs that look modern.

How to test logo designs with the letter M

m text logo
To see your letter M in action, type it into a design app like Mojomox, with or without brand name, select a letter M design from the Symbol palette and try out different color palettes. When done, download the file at the top right.

To get to lots of results quickly, try out the free Mojomox logo ideas generator and you’ll see M letter logo designs.

If you click on one of the ideas, you’ll get into the logo maker app. Clicking on the letter M of your logo, will open up a dropdown with even more M logo options using fonts.

How to pick the perfect letter M design for your company

Make a list of words (brand traits) that you’d like to get across in your overall visual design. Is it cool, creative, or fun? Does is show power, elegance, or sophistication? Nothing needs to be communicated twice. For example, if your brand name is already “The Cool Company,” focus on getting some other brand traits than “cool” across in your logo design or your color palette.

Customize your letter M

Once you selected a letter M design from the dropdown, you can customize it more with the font weight slider in the right sidebar (or below the editor on a phone). That makes the letter lighter or bolder.

Another way to look through alternative M logo designs is by clicking the Logo Symbol section that’s located also in the gray sidebar. Select a style, for example Letters 01, from the submenu and you’ll see an abstract letter M in the second row of the buttons. Click it and use the sliders below to adjust the style, for example to make dots smaller or thicker, longer and shorter, or more rounded.

M logo maker
The Mojomox design philosophy—a modern way to create a logo is by using a font which keeps the logo very minimal. However, in branding, it’s important to make your logo stand out against the competition. Pick a unique letter and your logo will stay minimal but it’ll also be memorable.
M logos
3 examples of M logos using different fonts. Finding the right color palette comes after the actual logo design. The examples above show red, blue, and gray colors but in short, review your competitors’s colors and make sure yours are different so that customers have an easier time remembering your brand.

To get started with the Mojomox text logo and letter maker, type your brand name into the field below:

1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo