101 Construction Logo Ideas

Last updated: June 9, 2022

Popular Construction Logos for Inspiration

Check out the top 10 construction companies in the US (source, updated July 2021): Bechtel (Reston, Virginia), The Turner Corporation (New York, New York), AECOM (Los Angeles, California), The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company (Baltimore, Maryland), Kiewit Corporation (Omaha, Nebraska), McDermott International (Houston, Texas), STO Building Group Incorporated (New York, New York), Skanska USA (New York, New York), PCL Construction (Denver, Colorado), and Gilbane Building Company (Providence, Rhode Island).

Design Learnings From Other Construction Logos

For logo design inspiration, take a close look at the construction logo examples linked above. There are a lot of interesting logo ideas for your own business but it’s important to pay attention to the visual details and how they come across strategically. When thinking about your own logo design, notice that you can either go for a simple wordmark logo (more modern) or a logo with a symbol (more classy). A logo without symbol (an icon or a little image) is called a wordmark logo because it’s made from letters.

The easiest way to start any logo design process is by looking at LOTS! of different logo ideas.

Great construction logo examples for wordmark logos are Turner, Gilbane, and Svanska. International examples for these types of construction logos are Hilti and Züblin. Another option is to have the first letter or first letters of each word in the construction company name stand out and pull it out as a symbol-like design. Examples are the letters WT for Whiting-Turner, the letter G in Gilbane, or PCL—nobody uses or knows the spelled-out version, Poole Construction Company Limited, named after one of the founders, and the letter E in Aecom. Examples for construction logos with symbols are Bechtel, StructureTone, and McDermott.

Using An App for Construction Logo Ideas

The easiest way to start any logo design process is by looking at lots of (and I mean LOTS!) different logo design ideas. In fact, we made a logo ideas app to simplify the hard part of getting started. Try it for free: simply type in your company name and you’ll immediately see 101 construction logo ideas. Every logo design comes with a color palette—no worries if it’s not perfect, you’ll be able to change the colors later.

Modern Logo Ideas Turned Into Outstanding Design

Modern logo design in 2023 means a minimalist style that is meaningful. By not having a logo symbol, you have to put more emphasis on the typography—does the font look bold, cutting-edge, or refined? Make a choice of what you want people to think when they look at your brand (by the way, that’s called Positioning in brand strategy). When scrolling through the construction logo design ideas, you’ll immediately find a few options that might be a fit for you.