101 Body Sculpting Logo Ideas

Last updated: June 10, 2022

How to Generate Logo Ideas for a Body Sculpting Business

Even though the following logo examples are not from the fitness industry, I’d like for you to check out the design of these top beauty logos—from Glossier, Rare Beauty, Bulgari, L’Oréal, rem beauty, Avon, Lancôme, DKNY, to Aesop. As you can see, they’re quite minimal in style. They express their brand through typography, or “type,” as designers often call the choice of a logo font. One modern way to generate logo ideas for a body sculpting business (or any business, in fact!) is by typing out business names in a design app or generator for logos and going for only the wordmark part of the logo—without symbol.

Creating a Perfect Logo

Focusing only on type within a logo means to perfect the rest of the mark. What’s your business’s brand identity? What would you like people to think when they look at your logo? Should it feel sexy or human? Should it be centered around the shape, like a silhouette, or for example, pronounce a female figure? You don’t always need to show an obvious human or figure, you can carry the concept of “slim” into the choice of font, for example, by using a thinner font.

You don’t need to show an obvious human or female figure, you can carry the concept of “slim” into the choice of font, for example, by using a thinner font.

Remember that it’s not necessary to repeat your message in branding. For example, if your business name already communicates one aspect, you don’t need to add the same aspect to your logo design. Instead, add another aspect that you’d like to show. For example, a specific brand tone, let’s say “cool,” can be expressed by using a modern font.

A Logo Maker for Body Sculpting Logo Ideas

To look at many design ideas quickly, we made a cool app for logo ideas that let’s you create 101 logos designs with type by simply typing in your company name. Check out the different fonts and letter shapes and see which ones are a good fit for your body sculpting business.

From Logo Idea to Final Design

Once you’re set on a design direction for the logo, pick a color palette that expresses another aspect of your business. Examples are pink for saying “sexy” or red for saying “strength” or yellow for saying “fun.” One last tip: Make sure to set your business apart from your competition and pick colors and fonts that differentiate you. After finalizing your design, you can download a logo png or vector file.