15 Logos for Food: Ideas, Logo Fonts, Examples

logos for food

In this article, we’ll take a look at existing logos for food, how much they differ from one another depending on whether the logo is for a food publishing company, a composer, a foodian, or a food festival.

We’ll learn about how to design a modern logo for food with a logo maker and why it’s often not a good idea to include food notes into your logo. We’ll review logo templates that can be used as a starting point for your own logo design, we’ll look at modern logo fonts and see what works well in 2022 and the future years.

Designing a logo, whether that’s a logo for food, logos for DJs, or a regular e-commerce shop, it is the same process for all industries.

In our simple logo design tutorial, I’ll share a few ways to make a logo for food stand out the right way and teach you how to integrate brand positioning into your design from the start. Brand positioning is the main part of brand strategy and it describes how people perceive your brand.

As part of your brand identity, we’ll make a color palette that works well for food logos. Lastly, I’ll show you how professional designers test their logos to ensure they work in all forms of applications.

Start with your logo for food now by typing in your company name below, or keep on reading for more design details:

Modern, Popular Food Logos

famous food logos
Nine modern (and two traditional) examples of logos for food: Simply Gum, Camp plant-forward foods, Lily’s chocolate, Chobani yoghurt, Spring and Mulberry chocolate, My Mochi ice cream, Magic Spoon cereal, Haagen Dazs ice cream and Mutti tomato sauce.

Many food logos are wordmark logos with a clear design. To make wordmarks (type logos, also known as text logos) more distinctive, the process of selecting a typeface and setting the logo should be more detailed.

You’ll find a wide variety of font styles in food logos because the food category is broad. Instead of designing a logo for “food,” think of your logo as a brand independently from its category. In brand strategy, this is called positioning—within your specific category, what would you like your listener or customer to think? For example, pianist and composer Gabriela Lena Frank’s logo is set in a serif font, and Missy Elliott’s logo is bolder and set in a modern extended sans serif font. Vevo (food video hosting platform) has a lowercase sans serif style that feels very approachable.

When designing a logo for food, ask yourself what typography embodies my brand personality?

Other design elements besides the font are whether a logo is capitalized or not and how it’s spaced (tight or wide letter spacing). Bolder type, lowercase, and less spacing make a brand feel younger; serif fonts and wide letter-spacing (also called tracking) add a more elegant quality to a food logo.

Templates for Food Logos

Wordmark Templates to Get Started

Take a quick look at the food logos in the gallery above. To launch the logo editor, click on one of the templates. Although the examples presented are all wordmark logos, the tool allows you to easily add a logo symbol.

First, take note of the various logo font styles and details. In example 1, the U adds to the mark’s originality. Example 2’s font style (Bauhaus Rose) stands out while being minimalistic.

Second, consider different color palettes. The more personal and sophisticated your food brand should appear, the more muted and your palette should be. If you’re going for a more corporate or fun look, pick a color in the saturated and bright color range. It’s best to use a color palette that is different from your competitors’ so that your food brand stand out on a shelf or even on Google’s virtual ad shelf on top of the search results. For a list of fun logo fonts, check our 2023 collection.

A brand logo mark and the color palette don’t have to get the same aspects of a brand across. Instead, they should communicate different brand traits and present the brand as a whole.

Making a Wordmark a Logo for Food Unique

Wordmark logo designs versus logos with a logo symbol generally have a modern look, including logos for food. Even if you’re using a logo font, which are usually designed to have more character in larger sizes, it can be a good idea to make one of the letters stand out—ideally, the first letter so you can use it as an avatar in an app or profile image for your email.

In the examples above, the letter R in logo template 1, the letter M in template 4, and the letter Q in template 9 are good designs to showcase this.

How to Design a Food Logo in 60 Seconds

food logo maker step 1

Step 1: Type your food brand name

Type in your name into the food logo maker and design options will show right below. Some logo designs have logo symbols, others are simple wordmarks.

food logo maker step 2

Step 2: Select design

We always recommend starting with a wordmark if you’re going for a modern brand look. These types of logos look more minimal and focus on personality rather than communicating a corporate quality.

Select a baseline design and you’ll get into the Mojomox logo editor.

food logo maker step 3

Step 3: Modify logo

To add more personality to your mark, click on one of the letters on the big logo in the center and swap it by selecting one of the alternative letters. Additionally, use the sliders for weight and letter spacing in the right sidebar of the app.

1. Type food brand name2. Select design3. Modify logo

How Professionals Design Food Logos

color palettes for food logos

A Color Palette That Works

There’s an advantage when a brand has only one main color instead of many colors; it’s easier for people to remember a brand when they can assign one color specifically to it.

However, any brand will have more than just one color, for example for some design elements that need to stand out, such as a button on a website. Finding the right color combinations is easy with the Mojomox app: start with one of the presets by selecting a color in the color palette section in the right sidebar and tweak all three colors with the color pickers. You’ll see the colors in the brand kit change in real-time below the main logo section. Pick colors that work well with each other and you’ll have the most flexibility when designing assets in the future.

logo horizontal website format

Versatile Logo Formats

A horizontal lockup is when a logo is displayed in one line rather than stacked. Because it takes up less space in the header section of the website, this structure is the most versatile.

fonts for food logos

The Right Typography for Food Logos

It’s really easy to pick modern fonts for logo designs with Mojomox, just click the font buttons in the sidebar. But, aside from the type’s inherent personality, you can give the mark a particular style by using the weight slider to make the mark stronger or thinner. Lighter font types appear more deliberate and refined, but they are also more difficult to read at small sizes.

test logo design

Test Your Logo Design

Create multiple versions of your logo and test your them in all of the places where the logo will be used. For example, upload your food logo variants to your website and check them out on a desktop computer and phone. Keep other uses for your food brand in mind, such as a banner, flyer or business card.

1. Type food brand name2. Select design3. Modify logo


  • What’s the Mojomox food logo maker?The food logo maker is part of the general Mojomox logo maker. We add food-specific fonts and templates to our platform and share guidelines on how to design a logo specifically for food branding (see steps above).
  • What are brand kits?A brand kit is a collection of logos including wordmarks, avatars, combined marks, color palette, and typography. With Mojomox, you can have 20 brand kits and each brand kit can include one unique food logo (or other types of logos).
  • How do color palettes work?Color palettes are an overarching color setup within Mojomox. Once you set your colors in the brand kit which contains your food logo, the templates you can use for marketing are converted into those colors too, for example LinkedIn background photo images.
  • What logo file formats does Mojomox support?Mojomox lets you download a vector PDF of your main logo. For all automatically created logos below the main logo at the top, you can download hi-res png files with a transparent background. The avatar logo has a colored background and can be used for profile images, for example in an email or Instagram account.
  • What’s the logo, graphics, and font licensing?You can use all logos and marketing assets to your liking in any way. The images in the templates are from Pexels and free to use; you can find more info in the photo credits in the footer section. Our fonts can be used on your website in the same way that Google fonts are used. You cannot download our fonts to use in other apps outside of Mojomox. Email us at saskia@mojomox.com if you would like to purchase a specific font style.
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