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Create a Modern Online Brand Presentation

Save time with a drag-and-drop, single-page brand kit builder that doesn’t require any code. Restructure sections easily and create download buttons for all uploaded assets automatically.

Quickly Add Color Palettes and Font Previews

Use color pickers for creating palettes with automatic color values. To create font previews, drag and drop font files, type the name of a system font or easily copy and paste a google font. Font file download buttons are added automatically.

Color palettes and fonts into brand kit
brand kit and asset management

Save Time Creating Moodboards, Brand Storytelling, Asset Presentation

Using a simple and flexible WYSIWYG interface, all added components are based on a grid layout for a clean presentation view—perfect for marketers and agencies to share work with their clients.

How to Create a Brand Kit with Mojomox


Type Your Company Name


Drag & Drop Images


Add Text, Colors, Fonts


Share Brand Kit Link


  • What’s a brand kit?A brand kit, sometimes called a brand toolkit, is a compact display of brand assets: combined logos, including wordmarks, logo symbols, and avatars, a brand’s color palette/s, and typography, laying out font styles and a short description of when to use which styles. A more extensive brand kit may also show a brand moodboard, brand photography or illustration style. Modern brand kits are hosted online and include downloadable assets. This makes it easy for internal team members, external partners, and other stakeholders to access assets easily at any given time in order to ensure brand consistency across marketing and product design.
  • What’s the difference between an automatic and a custom brand kit?If you’re creating a logo with Mojomox, your brand kit will get generated automatically. If you already have an existing logo and other assets that you’d like to store and present on a single brand kit page, using the custom brand kit creator is best.
  • How does one set up a custom brand kit?As a Mojomox subscriber, go into your account page and click “Create a new brand.” You’ll then see your new brand listed along with a link to “Create a custom brand kit.” A new brand kit page opens up: add a new row, pick the style of the row, e.g. “Headline” or “Two images” or “Custom font” or “Color pickers”—drag and drop files into each row you created. Hit save or edit and resort sections. When done, click “Presentation view” and share your custom link with your stakeholders.
  • Can you create a media kit, press kit, and an online one pager?The Mojomox custom brand kit can also be used for media kits, press kits and online one pagers. It’s an easy drag and drop one-page website buider based on a grid layout. You can upload images, font files, and set colors. Once done, you’ll get a custom link to share your online kit. For each element (images, for example) uploaded, the custom builder creates a download link automatically so that people can download the files you upload.
  • What font files does the Mojomox custom brand kit creator support?Google fonts, system fonts, and custom fonts. Custom fonts can be added like an image file: just drag and drop the font file into a font section. Any font format will work. You can create as many font sections as you like.
  • Are custom brand kits mobile friendly?Yes, they are.
  • What’s the cancellation time for subscriptions? We bill annually. Cancel anytime before the next payment.
  • Other questions, bugs, feedback? Feature requests? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at

What customers say:

Love love love! Such a great tool! It made building my Logo fun — and it looks gorgeous! And the support helped me like in 1 minute! Bravoooo
— Julius

Mojomox is why I’m updating the branding of my 7 year old business. It’s so good that I have no doubt that what I’ve made using it, is a really solid start to a great brand update.
— mikeanywhere

I love Mojomox! It’s a great and easy to use logo designer that generates whole corporate identities. There are lots of instant logo previews (like on a business card) … It’s perfect for creating a professional look for your business in minutes.
— msw

I love graphic design and branding – but I’m a busy founder and need to come up with cool-looking brand concepts quickly and think on my feet. All other online tools just don’t have the amount of finesse. … Beautiful tool. Recommend, recommend, recommend!!
— Oskar Lindskog

This really is a very well built and thought out tool that you need in toolbox. For your own projects or even for clients this will save you thousands and is only going to get better.
— S.

I love this tool and I can tell I’ll be using it constantly in the future. It’s like Google to me. Oh, let me mention support. … In less than 24 hours, Saskia emailed me back saying it was set and ready to go, and to please reach out should I need any support in implementing it.
— Martin Messier

Logo and brand kit quickly and easily! There are several places to do it online but Mojomox does it simpler and faster!
— Ilkka

I made a logo with the guideline kit and I trapped my team with it, I told them that a new designer is joining us and this is his work! They were kinda impressed especially with the presentation … then I told them the truth that it’s Mojomox work.
— anasalmarie

If you want consistency, this tool does a great job of creating brand consistency and simplicity without making you look like a cheap tech store from 2001 (which some “brand” tools sadly do).
— stockas

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