Best Logos for Architects: Design Ideas, Modern Logo Fonts

logos for architects

In the following article, we’ll review what the best logos for architects are, learn about modern logo fonts and how to design a great-looking and minimal logo with an architecture logo maker.

Designing a logo is the same process for all industries. The best logos, whether that’s a logo for an architecture company, a real estate agency, or any e-commerce shop, are rooted in brand strategy. A good logo embodies the company’s positioning—the way a brand is perceived by its clients or customers.

Besides designing our own and looking at popular logos for architects, we’ll create an industry-specific color palette that works well on all brand and marketing assets and we’ll see how professional brand designers test their designs quickly to ensure the mark is functional in all sizes.

To start with your architect logo now type your firm’s name into the input field below, or continue reading to learn more details about the logo design practice.

Logos of Some of the Best Architects

some of the best logos for architects
A variety of classic and modern logos from some of the best architecture firms: Studio 10, B2 Architecture, Toshiko Mori, Henning Larsen, Dattner Architects, Gensler, Cookfox Architects, Studio Gang, and Vgz Arquitectura.

Take a look at our selection of architecture firm logos. Many of them are simple wordmarks, also called text logos—they consist of only type rather than a logo symbol. However, if architect firms incorporate a symbol into their logos, the symbols tend to be rather prominent in comparison to the wordmark itself. Often, they’re in a square format.

Wordmark logo design is a modern way to design logos and it plays well with the principles within design industries because the focus needs to be on the details.

Is the type thin or thick? What’s the letter spacing of the mark? Can certain elements or letters stand out to make the logo more memorable?

Tightly set letters add power and boldness to a logo’s appearance, while wider spacing gives an architect logo more of an airy and elegant quality. Serif typefaces (those with tiny feet) feel more expensive, personal, and luxurious, whereas sans serif fonts come across as more affordable—they communicate a more approachable brand image.

Templates of Logos for Architects

Wordmark Templates to Get Started

Take a look at the logo for architect logo examples above. To change one of the templates, click on it. We only included wordmark templates above, but after selecting one, you can add a logo symbol with the Mojomox logo designer app. But before getting started, examine how different font choices and styles trigger distinct brand feelings. Geometric typefaces (example 1) appear to be more modern and bold, whereas the humanist typeface (example 3) appears to be warmer and more elegant. Second, analyze how other color palettes interact with the typeface you’ve chosen.

Black and white color palettes are popular in the architecture sector, but red and brown palettes work well too. Check your competitors’ colors to see if you can choose a different primary color to set your architecture firm visually apart.

Examples for architecture Agency Logos & Branding

Making a Wordmark Logo Unique

The brand design way of making an architecture logo stand out is by swapping one of the letters of the wordmark with a more custom-looking one.

Doing so will make you think about the meaning of the alternative letter: The letter A in example 11 is a triangle; it makes sense to use if, for example, the company has 3 partners, or the design philosophy consists of 3 pillars. The wide M in example 10 reminds one of leaning bars.

Example 12 shows a thin style of one of the geometric typefaces (Bauhaus Apex) paired with a logo symbol from the Shape series (selectable inside logo maker app). The shape symbols are highly customizable by using the length and weight sliders.

How to Design Your Own Architecture Logo in 60 Seconds

architecture logo maker step 1

Step 1: Type firm name

When you type in your firm’s name, you’ll see logo designs appear below the input field. Some logos have symbols and some are minimalistic wordmarks. Click on a specific logo design and use it as a starting point for your custom design.

architecture logo maker step 2

Step 2: Select design

For architecture-related logos, you can start with either a simple wordmark logo or a logo with a symbol. Logos with symbols have a more corporate quality.

After clicking on a baseline design, you’ll get into the Mojomox logo editor.

architecture logo maker step 3

Step 3: Modify logo

Wordmark logos are the modern and minimalistic choice. In order to make the architecture logo mark stand out more, click on a letter and swap it by selecting another letter below in the editing area.

1. Type architecture firm name2. Select design3. Modify logo

How Professionals Design Architecture Logos

color palettes for architecture logos

The Perfect Color Palette

For your architecture brand, it’s important to stick to one primary color. It’s easiest to choose a toned down version of your primary color or a warm or cool gray as a secondary color to support your primary color. For your tertiary color it’s a good idea to choose a color that can be used as an accent color, such as for website buttons.

Finding the correct color palette for your architecture logo is simple with Mojomox. Start with a color palette preset to get a sense of where you want to go. Then use the color picker to fine-tune each color. You can also choose a color from an image on your desktop computer that you've opened. Your brand kit gets generated automatically below the logo editor. This way you’ll see how your selected colors interact with each other.

logo horizontal format

Logo Formats That Are Versatile

A horizontal logo lockup is a logo that is typed in one line, or, if the logo has a symbol, where the symbol is on one line with the wordmark. A vertical logo lockup occurs when the design elements are stacked. A horizontal lockup is the most versatile for current architecture branding because it takes up less space in the header section of the website, which is especially important in the mobile-first design approach of 2022.

fonts for architecture logos

The Right Typography for an Architecture Logo

Choose from one of the modern fonts for logo designs within the sidebar. When it comes to font weights in typography, there are two basic guidelines to follow. First, a logo will appear bolder and louder if the wordmark is thicker. Lighter font weights give an architecture logo, or any logo design, a more refined and approachable appearance; either way, the lighter the logo, the larger its minimum size must be.

Trying out different font weights with the Mojomox logo maker is as easy as it gets: Use the font-weight slider in the design editor to see how your logo looks in real-time underneath the editor in large and small sizes.

test logo design

Test Your Logo Design

Your architecture logo design should be tested in all of the environments where it will be used. In the Mojomox logo maker tool, you can create multiple variants of your logo by altering font weight and letter spacing. Upload the various versions to your website. Examine each logo on a desktop computer, a phone, and other important applications for your brand, such as print materials or business cards.

1. Type architecture firm name2. Select design3. Modify logo


  • What’s the Mojomox architecture logo maker?With the Mojomox logo maker, you can easily create a custom architecture logo with a symbol or a modern wordmark. Typefaces come as variable fonts which means you can set any font weight between 100 to 900, allowing for very specific fine-tuning of a mark. Other design options include letter spacing and the ability to replace individual letters in your logo with alternative letter designs.
  • What are brand kits?In a brand kit, each of the new architecture logo designs is kept separate. A brand kit is a page that lists your company’s colors, typefaces, and logo files in various formats, including color, black and white, a logo avatar, wordmark, combination mark, and so on. Mojomox includes up to 20 different brand kits.
  • How do color palettes work?You can select a color palette for your logo on the right sidebar of the logo maker application. It’s useful to start with a preset and then further customize a color with the color picker. When you modify the color palette, your logo files below the editor will update instantly to reflect the new colors. Additionally, the updated colors will be shown in the template library, allowing you to see all marketing templates, such as LinkedIn background photo images, in your specific brand colors.
  • What logo file formats does Mojomox support?The main architecture logo file is available in two formats: a high-resolution png with a transparent background and a vector PDF document. PNG files can be downloaded for all logos made automatically. Please send an email to if you require other formats or sizes, and we will incorporate them as download options into the Mojomox app as soon as we can.
  • What’s the logo, graphics, and font licensing?All of the logos and graphics created are yours to use. You don’t need any additional font licenses when creating a logo on Mojomox. You can also utilize our fonts in the same manner that Google fonts are used on your website. You cannot, however, download our fonts for use in other apps at this time. If you need a specific font style, you can purchase them by emailing us.
  • How long does it take to cancel a subscription?We bill on a month-to-month basis. By going into your account and clicking Subscription Details, or by sending an email to, you can cancel your subscription at any time before the next payment is due.
  • Other questions, bugs, feedback? Feature requests? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at