Bakery Logo Maker

Last updated: Nov 7, 2022

Free Bakery Logo Idea Maker

I know you probably have a couple of logo ideas for your bakery shop in mind, but it’s always a good start to look at some bakery logos for inspiration before starting a new design based on a specific direction.

If you’re using the Mojomox online logo maker, start by typing in your shop’s name above and click the Next button, it’ll take you to the logo inspiration page. There, you can scroll through a hundred logo ideas quickly for free—many of them are wordmarks (sometimes casually called text logos) and some logos have a symbol in front of the wordmark. All logo ideas already have a color palette applied to them—you can change the colors manually inside the app or pick from one of the color palette presets.

Pick a trait you want your bakery to be known for and transfer that concept into your design.

Vintage Cakes or Artisan Cupcakes

Vintage cakes, artisan cupcakes, French-inspired, rustic grains—when customers know your bakery shop for something specific, that’s called “Positioning” in branding—customers position your shop amongst other choices they can make. Pick the one trait you want your bakery to be known for and transfer that concept into your design. Keep supporting traits that your customers value or that reflect you as a shop owner or baker on a separate list. You’ll need them later in your design to complement your overall branding.

For now, check out the logo ideas and scroll through the options—which font represents your main trait best? Is it vintage, is it artisan, or cool? “Vintage” could be a serif font, “artisan” could be a thinner font weight, and “cool” could be a bolder, tightly letter-spaced logo. All of these settings, cool logo fonts, a font weight slider from thin to thick, and a letter spacing slider, you’ll find in the Mojomox logo maker app.

Try our bakery logo maker for free

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