Bakery Logos 2022

Whether you’re designing a logo for a bake shop, baking products, or an online bakery or cooking YouTube channel, the process for creating a meaningful mark is the same for all kinds of industries.

We’ll look at simple ways to create a logo based on brand strategy and see why brand positioning is important to figure out before starting with the design of a logo. Then, we’ll learn how to create a custom and modern logo for a bakery in under a minute! At the same time, we’ll create a color palette for your brand identity.

Finally, we’ll check out how professional designers test their logos quickly so they’ll work perfectly on all marketing applications.

Get started with cool logo ideas here or by typing in your shop’s name below:

Bakery Logo Ideas for Inspiration

bakery logos from popular bakeries
9 examples of modern and popular bakery logos: République, Artelice LA, Mel Bakery in NYC, Winner, Nature’s Bakery logo, Claudine, Levain bakery logo, Partybus Bakeshop in NYC, and Cafe d’Avignon.

Notice that well-known bakeries often go for a simple mark, often a wordmark (sometimes called text logo).

Think about the details to make a text logo stand out or a little special, like Nature’s Bakery, Cafe d’Avignon, or Mel Bakery. What logo font fits my brand? What letters can be swapped to make the wordmark more memorable?

Should my bakery logo have wide or narrow letter spacing? Tight letters make a logo stronger, maybe more whole or rustic, loose spacing puts a focus on being airy. Serif fonts (type with little feet) feel pricier, personal, and luxurious.

Examples for Bakery Logos

Wordmark Templates to Get Started

Take a look at the bakery logo examples above. Then, to change one of the templates, click on it. We’ve exclusively included wordmark templates, but after selecting one, you can easily add your own symbol with the Mojomox logo creator.

To get started, evaluate how different fonts trigger distinct brand feelings. Wider typefaces (example 1) appear to be more modern and bold, whereas the humanist typeface (example 3) appears to be warmer and more elegant. Second, examine how several color palettes interact with the font you’ve chosen. Yellow  palettes are popular for bakery shops, although brown and fun palettes also perform well. Assess the colors used by your competition to determine if you can use a different palette to set your bakery apart.

Examples for Bakery Logos & Shop Branding

Making a Wordmark Logo Unique

A modern way of making your bakery logo stand out is by swapping one of the letters of your wordmark into a more unique-looking one.

Doing so will make you think about the meaning of the alternative letter: The letter Q in example 10 looks like a diamond. The wide U in example 11 brings a smile to the mark.

Bakery logo example 12 shows a humanist typeface (Bauhaus Roma) with the particular letter A in the middle.

How to Design Your Own Bakery Logo in 60 Seconds

bakery logo design step 1

Step 1: Type company name

Type in your company name, and you’ll immediately see logo options showing up below the company input field. From the variety of logos, you’ll find some with symbols and some that are simple wordmarks. Select one logo as the baseline for your custom design by clicking on it.

bakery logo design step 2

Step 2: Select design

For bakery-related logos, we suggest you start with a wordmark. These types of logos look more minimal and communicate clean ingredients and luxury. In general, wordmark logo designs are more versatile on packaging.

After clicking on a baseline design, you’ll land in our Mojomox logo editor.

bakery logo design step 3

Step 3: Modify logo

Once in the editor, click on a single letter of your big logo, and alternative letter shapes will show up right below the letter you clicked. See if one option represents your brand’s personality more and click to swap.

After your logo mark is ready, try different color palettes in the color section in the right sidebar. You’ll see how the colors will work with each immediately right below the logo editor.

1. Type bakery shop name2. Select design3. Modify logo

How Professionals Design Bakery Logos

color palette for a bakery logo

Find A Great Color Palette

For your bakery branding, it’s good to stick to one primary color. It’s easiest to choose a toned down version of your primary color or a warm or cool gray as a secondary color to support your primary color. For a tertiary color, It’s best to choose a color that can be used as an accent color, such as for website buttons.

Finding a great color palette for your bakery logo is simple with Mojomox. Start with a color palette preset to get an idea of where you want to go. Then use the color picker to fine-tune each color. You can also choose tones from an image on your desktop computer that you’ve opened. Your brand kit will be generated automatically below, and you’ll be able to see how your chosen colors relate to each other.

different formats for a bakery logo

Logo Formats That Work Well

A horizontal logo lockup is a logo that is shown on a single line. A vertical lockup is when a logo symbol appears on top of a wordmark. Because it takes up less space in the header section of an online store, a horizontal lockup is the most versatile for modern branding.

selecting typography for bakery logos

The Right Typography Makes or Breaks a Bakery Logo

It’s simple to choose modern fonts for logo designs with Mojomox. When it comes to font weights in type design, there are two basic principles. First, a logo will appear bolder and louder if the wordmark is thicker. Lighter font weights give a bakery logo, or any logo design, a more elegant and open feel—the lighter the logo, the larger the minimum size required.

Trying out different font weights with the Mojomox logo maker is simple: just use the font-weight slider inside the design editor and see how your logo looks in real-time in large and small sizes in the brand kit section below.

bakery logo testing

Test Your Logo Design

Your bakery logo should be evaluated in every environment where it will be used. You can design multiple variants of your logo and change the font weight and letter spacing in the Mojomox logo creation tool’s sidebar. Then, on your website, try all of the different logo files. Review each logo design on a computer, a phone, and other critical applications for your bakery brand, such as product packaging, marketing materials and business cards.

1. Type bakery shop name2. Select design3. Modify logo


  • What’s the Mojomox logo maker?You can create a one-of-a-kind bakery logo with a symbol or a modern wordmark using the Mojomox logo maker. Custom typefaces come in a variety of widths, allowing you to perfect your logo. Font weight and letter spacing are two further design possibilities, as is the ability to substitute individual letters in your logo with different designs.
  • What are brand kits?Each of the new bakery logo designs is maintained separately in a brand kit. A brand kit is a page that displays your brand’s colors, typefaces, and several logo files in different formats, such as color, black and white, a logo avatar, wordmark, combination mark, and so on. Up to 20 brand kits are available with Mojomox.
  • How do color palettes work?On the right sidebar of the logo maker app, you can choose a color palette for your logo. Starting with a preset and then customizing a color with the color picker is a good idea. When you change the colors in a brand kit’s color palette, your logo files will automatically update to reflect the new values. Additionally, the new colors will be shown in the template library, allowing you to see any marketing templates in your brand colors, such as LinkedIn background banners.
  • What logo file formats does Mojomox support?The main bakery logo file can be saved as a high-resolution png with a transparent background or as a vector PDF document. All items created automatically can be downloaded as png files. If you require other formats or sizes, please send an email to, and we will do our best to incorporate them into the Mojomox app as soon as possible.
  • What’s the logo, graphics, and font licensing?You are free to utilize all of the logos and graphics that you designed in any way. When creating a logo on Mojomox, you don’t need any additional font licensing. You can also use our fonts on your website in the same way as Google fonts are. However, at this moment, you are unable to download our fonts for use in other programs.
  • What is the timeline for canceling a subscription?We charge on a monthly basis. You can cancel your subscription at any time before the next payment by logging into your account and selecting Subscription Details, or by sending an email to
  • Other questions, bugs, feedback? Feature requests? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at