Fiverr Logo Maker Alternative

Last updated: June 29, 2022

How to Use the Fiverr Logo Maker Alternative

1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo
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Fiverr Logo Maker Alternative

The Fiverr logo maker is amongst the top logo makers but if you like cool fonts and design-y logos, check out Mojomox by typing in your company name above.

Free Online Logo Idea Creator

Instead of jumping right into any logo editor, it’s best practices to start out every logo design process by looking at design inspiration and doing competitor reviews. What are your customers’ other options? What do these alternatives sound like, look like? What colors do they have and what fonts do they use? Create a comprehensive list of everything and you’ll save a lot of time during your logo design.

For logo inspiration, start by using the free Mojomox logo ideas maker. Type in your company name and you’ll see a list of logo ideas populate. Each logo comes in a specific color palette that you can change later.

Some of the logos will consist of wordmarks or text logos only, and other designs will include a logo symbol, a little icon in front of the word. Both can be adjusted in the logo maker app after selecting a baseline.

Online Logo Maker with Cool Fonts

Once you’re inside the app, you can play with the sliders in the right sidebar. The font weight controls the thickness of your logo, the letter spacing slider lets you change the spacing between the letters. You can also select from different, cool-looking fonts and color palettes.

Need help using Mojomox?

If you have questions, reach out via the Questions button in the button right corner or email me directly at