Youtube Logo

Design a YouTube logo and background with a modern aesthetic using this cool logo maker and template creator.

This article will quickly show you how to design a square YouTube logo and channel background in a modern aesthetic with this cool logo maker using templates and modern logo fonts. Neither design skills nor software app knowledge is required. We are going from logo idea to PNG in no time!

Start by putting in your initials or YouTube logo name below. When you click the next button you will be taken into the local ideas creator. Scroll through the design options for free and pick a baseline design that you like. No worries about the colors, you can change them inside the logo maker app. After you clicked on a design you will get into the logo maker where you can play with different font styles. The coolest feature is that when you click on a letter of your brand name inside the large white editing area, you’ll see alternative letter designs—from cute or cool to super custom!

You’ll also find modern color palettes for black, white, red, pink, blue, and gold in the Colors section. Once you’re set, click the “Save” button (paid) and go to the template library. Select a YouTube background banner that you like, it’ll already be in the right size and converted into the colors you picked when you made your YouTube logo. Make changes with the built-in online graphic editor. You can download images as PNG files and your logo as vector PDF (which can be converted to SVG online). And of course, you can use your square logo icon picture also for Facebook, Minecraft, Twitter, Roblox, or Twitch.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo