Yoga Logo

Design a custom yoga logo with modern logo fonts and powerful color palettes.

I know you might be looking for common yoga logo symbols to design your new cool yoga logo showing a mat, blocks, a tree, a lotus flower, circles, or something cosmic or crescent, but professional designers start with figuring out a company’s brand strategy first.

Quickly type out your competitor names. If you are a yoga studio, your competitors are usually located in your neighborhood. If you want to build a yoga brand online, list other options that customers might find via Instagram or Google. What’s their brand positioning and what’s yours? Brand positioning is the one word that comes to customers’ minds when they talk about your brand when you’re not around.

Next, start with a creative template using logo fonts, or type your yoga brand name into our custom logo ideas generator below to see a long list of cool logo designs in modern color palettes. Click on one that you like and you will be taken into the logo maker app. Once you’re in the app, fine-tune your logo by using the sliders in the gray sidebar.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo