Travel Logo

See how to design a custom travel logo with this logo maker that lets you create a modern logo with cool designer fonts to make your brand unique.

Designing a modern travel logo can be pretty simple once you know the steps that a professional designer takes as well. First off put logo inspiration that you like, colors, and other logos from well-known travel brands on a single page and analyze them. What kinds of colors do they use? What do their logos have in common? What differentiates them from one another?

Step two is to find your company positioning. Travel brands, such as travel bags, mugs, totes, and even Instagram accounts and agents, are almost always about lifestyle, not so much about actual features. This makes it especially important to figure out your positioning because this is how your audience or customers will connect with you. Positioning is one word (or a very short phrase)—you can make it up but it’ll be the word/s that your customers will use when they talk about you.

Step three is to translate your positioning into your design. Should your travel brand come across as a quality brand, communicate luxury, or be focused on jet setters or business travelers only? Are you the friendliest agent or the fastest one? Pick one trait (!) only and select a font and color palette that reflects that trait. A rounded font means approachability, being young, and being easy-going. A serif font is more luxurious and sophisticated. A bright color palette brings a smile to people’s faces. Go for a style that aligns with your personality and business principles.

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