Silver Logo

Design a cool silver logo with a circle, bullet, arrow, or other logo symbols and modern letter shapes. From logo ideas to PNG image in 60 seconds.

Design a cool-looking silver logo on a circle, with a bullet as a symbol or an abstract arrow—from modern logo symbols to unique letter shapes, this logo maker takes you from logo ideas to a final PNG image in under 60 seconds—and I’ll show you how.

As a first step, let’s get some cool logo ideas. If you have your brand name figured out, type it into the input field below this short article to get to the free logo ideas generator inside Mojomox. While the logo ideas page may not showcase a lot of silver color palettes, don’t worry, this will be an easy fix in the next step. On the ideas page, focus on finding a logo font that you like for your logo.

Click on it, and you’ll get into the logo maker app. Find the colors section in the gray toolbar, click a preset to get started, and refine your silver logo by clicking on the first of the three color fields. If you are going for a silver color palette only made from similar tones, it’s important that you can mix and match all three tones while they stay readable. To check whether you have selected colors that are different enough from one another, scroll below the logo editor and see some example designs from the automatic brand kit that is generated while you’re designing your logo.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo