Security Logo

Design a security logo—from modern logo ideas to final PNG file in under one minute. Use an online logo maker with minimal logo fonts.

In this article, I will show you how professional designers start the design process for a security logo. While most non-designers would begin by looking at common symbols such as a camera, a badge, or a shield, a designer starts with brand strategy. This way, you’ll ensure a logo has meaning backed by how you run your company.

A simple way to do a company’s brand strategy quickly is to figure out a word that differentiates your company from your competitors. When defining this one word, think about what word you want your customers to use when they talk about you. Basic features alone, such as “service,” “cyber,” or “private,” are table stakes and not unique enough.

Instead, find a trait that differentiates you from your customer’s perspective. Now, reflect this trait in your security logo. For example, a rounded font is friendly. A logo set in all caps means “guarded,” and a dark blue color palette means your security company works nights.

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