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Create a professional school logo with modern logo fonts. Pick a color palette and see all of your logo variations, ready to download as PNG or vector.

Before starting the design of your own school logo, check out the schools in your area and put all of their logos and colors on a one-pager to get a good overview of the overall look. What colors are used most? What colors are not used at all? What types of fonts are schools using, serif (with tails) or sans-serif (no tails)? Is there a logo school name typed in all caps, in lowercase, or in title case? What imagery do these logos include? For example a valley, county, rock, a lake, an oak tree, or city?

Next, figure out how you would like your school logo to stand out from the others. The easiest is to pick a color palette that nobody else uses—this way your school can be easily differentiated. Or, if another school uses a lake, for example, look for another symbol to complement your wordmark (the text part of your logo). The modern way to design a professional logo is to consider leaving the logo symbol out completely and simply going for a wordmark.

Our logo maker uses modern logo fonts to create logos. Type in your school name below and check out a few logo ideas (for free) with color palettes.

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