Retail Logo

From logo idea to png at lightspeed! Design a custom business retail logo that shows premium services with modern logo fonts and cool colors.

Designing a modern retail logo is easy! Whether you’d like to put the logo on paper bags, a store, price tags, or boxes, have a list of applications where you want your logo to appear ready before you start the design process.

Every custom logo that’s meaningful starts with brand positioning—the one word you want your customers to think of when they look at your brand. Is it premium, American, modern, design-forward, low-cost, cool, or practical? Then, head to the logo ideas generator by typing in your retail brand name below and pick a font that best reflects the one word. Once you’re in the logo maker app, you can create a custom logo by clicking on one of the letters on your name and swapping it out with a different letter design.

Lastly, pick a color palette different from your closest competitors to make your retail logo stand out. Questions? Text me via the red button in the bottom right corner.

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