Red Logo

For a red logo, try this modern logo maker with cool logo fonts, geometric symbols, and color presets.

To design a red logo, try this modern logo maker with cool logo fonts, geometric and abstract symbols, and great-looking color presets specifically made for branding.

Here are three simple steps. Step one: Type your brand name—or if you have a personal brand, type your initials—into the input field below this article. This will take you into that logo ideas generator to get an idea of the following things. First, decide whether you want to have a logo symbol or a modern wordmark (text logo), then figure out what kind of font style you're looking for, and thirdly, pick a color direction that is supportive of your personality or brand positioning.

Step two is to select a design draft from the logo ideas page; then click on it to customize it. You can modify all of the different elements inside the logo maker app. Note the different sections: The top part is the big white editing area that shows a preview of your logo. The grey toolbar has all the settings you can use to customize your logo design. Below the logo editor is the automatic brand kit section that shows what your logo will look like in small, how it works on a few marketing assets, and whether the color palette you selected will work well together. Finally, you can choose a red color palette from the colors section in the grey sidebar. To further customize your red logo, click on the primary color below the presets and use the color picker to refine your red tone.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo