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Design a modern PR logo for an agency or a news company using this logo maker app. Unique fonts and modern color palettes are included.

Before diving into designing a modern PR logo for an agency or a news company with an online logo maker, let’s take a look at some big PR firm logos—Newswire, Cision, Coyne, Hunter, Highwire, Atomic, and Clarity—all of these companies use wordmark logos, minimal text-based designs without logo symbols. Among these brands, color palettes featuring teal, orange, blue, and gray are popular.

Professional branding designers start their local process by looking at brand strategy. Brand strategy can be broken down into the act of positioning a brand. Figure out your competitors’ brand positioning. A simple way to do that is to write down one word (or a very short phrase) that comes to mind when thinking of that PR brand. It is not what they say it is, it is what comes to people’s (customers, partners) minds when they think or talk about them.

Next, define what you want your PR brand to be known for and translate the positioning trait into your brand identity design. An easy way to do that is by typing your PR firm name into the input field below. This will pull up a long list of logo designs. Pick a direction, click it and refine it inside the logo maker app.

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