Political Logo

Design a political logo for a campaign—with modern logo fonts and professional symbols. Start with templates or see examples for logo ideas.

Before you’re getting into designing a political logo for a campaign, committee, or some other form of political action with a logo maker, start by checking out your candidate competition first. Most often they will use color palettes including red, white, blue—however, take notes if they use additional colors, such as green or purple, on their websites and other campaign materials.

Also write down whether they use logo symbols, like an eagle or a lion, or simple wordmarks (logos without a separate symbol), what types of fonts (sans-serif or serif typefaces), and their overall feel—do they come across as inspirational, action-oriented, science-focused, or independent?

To generate logo inspiration and general ideas for your political logo, type in your candidate’s or campaign’s name below. Clicking the “Next” button will take you into the logo maker app. In the wordmark section, test different font styles. Pick a serif (with tails) font to communicate sophistication, select a sans-serif font for an approachable feel. In order to be memorable, pick an additional color to support your overall political color palette—this additional color should be different from your competitor’s colors.

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