Online Shop Logo

This beginner tutorial lets you design a modern online shop logo. From inspiration to logo ideas and final file in under one minute!

In this tutorial for a beginner, I will show you how to create a modern online shop logo. From free logo ideas to PNG file download, a logo maker with cool fonts will generate the best designs in no time.

Whether your online shop is a beauty, jewelry, clothing, toy, flower, or cute gift business, professional designers start the logo design process by finding the one word the business should be known for. And, how is your shop different than your competitors’ shops—not from the eyes of the owner but the customer’s perspective.

To get started with inspiration for your design, type your online shop’s name into the input field below. Clicking the Next button will take you to the online logo maker app so you can really customize your logo. In the sidebar of the app, find a modern color palette preset with black tones or pick your own colors. Then, use the font sliders to make your logo thicker or thinner in style.

Try our Online Shop Logo logo maker for free

1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo