Medical Logo

Design a medical logo for a medical center, health device, or spa—modern and professional. Base your design idea on brand strategy and use minimal logo fonts.

Whether you would like to design a logo for a medical group or center, a school or university, a health spa, a new health tech device, or a marijuana dispensary, the process of starting your logo design is the same. Going from a logo idea to a PNG file can be fast and professional if you follow the next steps.

First, check out other medical logos in your field. Many use a symbol of a heart, a cross, helping hands, or even a snake. But start with your brand positioning first to make your logo stand out from your competition. What is it that makes your health company unique and differentiated?

Pick one positioning trait most important to your patients or customers and transfer that trait metaphorically into your logo design. Start by typing in your health company’s name below.

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