Massage Logo

This logo maker lets you design in modern massage logo for your therapy business based on type templates and fonts.

From Envy Massage, Aire Ancient Baths, Great Jones Spa, and Spa Castle to Shibui Spa—many of which are located in and around NY—, modern logos for massage businesses often use wordmarks instead of logo symbols. Modern wordmarks are purely made from text and don’t use common logo images such as hands, a chair, a rock, a cloud, or a rose.

To start your massage logo design, take a quick look at your competition. Your massage business competition is usually located in the same neighborhood as your business is. Or, if you are a mobile massage therapist, you should also check out Yelp or Google maps to learn what other massage results are coming up. See how they are communicating with potential customers. What language are they using—are there specific words that they use to differentiate themselves? What colors can you see on their websites? And what do their logos look like?

Figure out how you can differentiate your massage business and how this differentiation point could be reflected in your design. If the color green is already taken by one of your competitors, go for a different one. Make your brand memorable by standing out. Start your massage logo design by typing in your brand name below.

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