Mask Logo

Looking for a modern mask logo? Try this logo maker with cool logo fonts and customizable color palettes.

Looking for a modern mask logo? Start by typing in your company name or the text you’d like to show next to the mask below. When you click the Next button, you’ll get into the logo ideas page that shows you a variety of color palettes and font styles. You’ll be able to pick a customized mask logo icon in the next step inside the logo maker app.

Once you’re in the logo app, check out the sidebar for all its settings. Pick from font styles in the Wordmark section or use the sliders to customize your selected font. In the Colors section, you can pick a black or gray palette but every logo will be part of the brand kit below the editor. From there, you can also download a black or white version of the design you created.

And finally, click the Download button for the final file. You can select either a PNG file or a vector PDF. You can specify the pixel size of the PNG in the next step but if you’re looking to get your mask logo printed or embroidered for promotional wear, the printing supplier might ask you to upload a vector file.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo