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Professionally design your custom marketing logo with modern logo fonts online—from logo idea to vector download in no time!

You’ve landed on the right page if you want to learn how to design a marketing logo with an online logo maker professionally. You might be looking for common logo symbols to describe your marketing business, such as a cloud or something that says digital, but I will show you how professionals start their logo design process.

First off, look at the websites and logos of your competitors. What color palettes do they use? What logo styles do they have? Do they use logo symbols? Or simple wordmarks—logos made from text.

The next step is to figure out your brand positioning. To do that: 1) Write down some associations you would like your customers to have of your company. 2) Pick the one word most important to your customer but also differentiates you from your competition—and, most importantly, your agency can be the best. You can only pick one main trait. 3) Use this association and have it be reflected in your design. Get custom logo ideas for a marketing logo by typing in your agency name below.

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