Makeup Logo

Design a classy and modern brand with this logo maker for your makeup logo. Free logo ideas, custom logo fonts, creative symbols, and elegant color palettes.

This is a quick tutorial to show you how to design a makeup logo that looks classy and modern. The secret behind a modern brand look is two things: modern logos are based on cool logo fonts and minimal color palettes.

The easiest way to get a feeling for your makeup brand is by typing in your company name below and generating lots of logo ideas. However, before you get started, just note that this logo maker will not create common designs that make your brand look generic, such as a face, brush, or nails. Mojomox is set out to create a modern brand kit including a logo that is unique and elegant.

Browse through the design ideas, and if you’d like one of them, click the customize button to get into the logo maker itself. You can modify lots of different things – for example, the letter spacing slider lets you widen your logo, and the font-weight slider allows you to make your logo thicker or thinner. But the most fantastic feature is the mix and match letter system. To access it, click on a letter on your company name, and you’ll see up to 99 alternative designs pop up. To swap an option, just click the new letter.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo