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From Harvard to Yale—what is the best law logo for modern design? See logo ideas for free and create a custom logo with a minimalist logo maker.

If you’re looking to design a minimalist logo with a modern logo maker you’re at the right spot. Whether you want to design a logo for a law firm, an enforcement unit, a law office, or anything related to law, the design process is always similar. Start with a quick version of brand strategy by defining your brand’s positioning. Positioning is the way you want your customers to think about you. It is the one word that comes to your clients’ minds when they think of you.

The next step is to look at logos from your field, for example, Harvard, SVU, Yale, Bloomberg, Georgetown University, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, or the UCLA logo. What types of fonts are they using? What color palettes are popular? Now transfer the concept of your positioning into your design. Is your positioning approachability, best-in-class, Bohemian? Pick whatever trait is important to your client and that you can be best at. Approachability might be a sans-serif font (no tails), best-in-class might be a logo set in all caps in a serif font, etc.

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