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Check out modern logo ideas for free and learn how to create your own landscaping logo for your services without design skills.

What are modern landscaping business logos? Modern logos generally don’t use apparent symbols such as a tree, hands, or show a lawn; instead, professional logo design puts the customer into the center. So what do you want your customer to say about your business style when they talk about you? Is your landscaping design modern? Do you do full-service construction? Do you focus on seasonal services or worry-free gardening? What are you better at than your competitors?

You might offer multiple services, but for your logo design, only pick that trait that differentiates you. For example, for modern landscaping, select a simple sans serif font like Bauhaus Geo, for precise tree cutting, or choose a font like Bauhaus Slye where the letters are cut in the middle. Or, for worry-free gardening, you could select a bold serif font such as Bauhaus Mod that emphasizes the idea of a lush garden.

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