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Get free logo ideas with modern logo fonts and create a custom design in architecture color palettes with this logo maker—no app skills required.

Before you start the design process for an interiors logo, check out a few popular brands, such as Amber, Luxe, Tangram, Aladdin, and Boulevard. Note that many brands in the home furnishings, architecture, or fashion space use minimalistic wordmark logos. Wordmarks are logos without the symbol in front—they’re just made from text using a modern typeface.

A wordmark often feels less branded and more refined, requiring more design attention to its details. Which typeface reflects the brand best? Is it a serif (with tails) or sans-serif font (no tails)?

Many home and interior companies use a muted color palette—from black and gray to white and blue with very few accents—to keep the design emphasis on the products. To get started with free logo ideas for an interiors logo, type in your brand name below and make refinements using the logo maker app.

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