Insurance Logo

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This article will show you how to go about designing a modern insurance logo. Before diving into the actual design, it is generally a good idea to check out popular logos from the same industry.

So, if we’re looking at the logos from Farmers, Progressive, Nationwide, Liberty Mutual, Lemonade, State Farm, or Allstate, we can see that many of the logos look pretty classic, using an abstract logo symbol and a wordmark, and they often use the colors blue, red, and gray. Modern logos, however, are often simple and minimal wordmarks. Progressive and Lemonade are examples of that style.

Next, create a list of your competitive landscape and write down their brand names, their color palettes, and the logo styles that they use. Is their logo name spelled in all caps, lowercase, or title case? Set in a sans-serif (no tails) or serif (with tails) font? From a brand positioning perspective, how do their customers describe them? Are they easy to deal with? Provide the most hands-on customer experience? Are they fast? Then, find your company positioning (the one top trait that describes the bread and butter of your business principles) and translate it directly into your logo design.

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