Infrastructure Logo

Design a modern infrastructure logo with this cool logo maker for professional brand identities. Customize your logo icon and set color palettes in under one minute.

Most non-designers start by looking at common symbols in their space: for the infrastructure industry, it’s usually a symbol of a cloud or globe, a symbol that represents cyber security, energy, or the future.

However, this will make your brand look generic. Professional designers always start by looking at the company’s brand strategy. You may not have figured out your brand positioning yet, and you can learn more on our blog, but quickly: Look at your competition and see what word they use most often on their website. If they are a known brand in the space, it’s best to write down the word that comes to customers’ or their partners’ minds when they talk about them. The word that is getting used most often is usually their brand positioning.

Before starting your infrastructure logo design, figure out your brand positioning. It should be different from your competitors to differentiate yourself. Then, head over to our logo ideas generator by typing in your company name below and start with finding a design that reflects your positioning. Next, pick the draft by clicking on it, and you’ll get into the logo maker app to further refine your infrastructure logo.

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