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Design your own industrial logo at lightning speed! Whether you’d like your design to look global, focus on American technologies, or engineering, let’s create a modern logo together!

Technology, engineering, and construction companies need industrial logos. Some companies act in a global market, and some work locally. Often, they include “brothers” or “partners” in their company name, and in some countries, it’s common to add some reference to the land of origin into the tagline or colors. For example, US industrial companies like using the word “American.”

Before starting your logo design, write down a list of words that should be communicated across your branding. For example, “American” could be part of the tagline, or the colors red, white, and blue could be used. It’s not necessary to repeat any aspects of your design—it’s better to show more aspects that your company stands for. Examples of brand words are magic, light, modern, services, and automation—what do you want your company to be known for? Pick the main trait and design an industrial logo that reflects that one trait. You can distribute the rest of the brand characteristics across your brand colors and font choice.

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