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Looking for HR logo ideas for your company? Get inspired and design your brand without any design skills. Modern and professional.

Don’t think about getting too creative if you’re looking to design an HR logo for your brand. Good logo design is all about brand strategy. So whether you’re looking to design a logo that looks like HR Block, Bamboo, Jazz, or Breezy, it is generally a good idea to look at logo inspiration within your industry first. What colors do they use? What types of fonts—serif or sans serif fonts?

Then, figure out what your positioning is. What differentiates your HR brand from another HR brand? Positioning can be summarized into one word. Next, translate your positioning into your logo design. Is it easy? Fast? Helpful or personal? Remember, even though you might offer multiple advantages, your customers will only remember you for one. Pick the one that you can be the best at and see that trait can be reflected in your font and colors. A sans serif like Bauhaus Geo means “easy,” a serif like Bauhaus Mod is more “personal.”

To get started with your logo process, type in your company brand name and select from the different font styles.

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