Home Decor Logo

Design your home decor logo with this trendy logo maker for your brand. From custom logo ideas to final logo images, this logo maker is easy and modern.

This design tutorial shows you how to create a home decor logo with a trendy logo maker that uses logo fonts primarily but also has a few abstract, cool-looking symbols. The final result will be a modern, custom-sized PNG file of your logo.

Before starting out your design process, write down a list of five words you would like to communicate in your brand design. The list could be as follows: rustic, beach, flower, geometric, and power. In the next step, type in your home decor brand name into the form field below, and you will be taken into the logo ideas generator. From there, scroll through the logo design options and see what font style reflects your list of words best. No worries about the color palette or everything having to be reflected; you can make adjustments to the design in the next step.

When clicking on the “Customize” button of one of the design drafts, you will get into the Mojomox logo maker app. In the gray sidebar, play with the style settings: a logo in all caps, for example, says “power,” from the logo symbols menu, you can find a geometric icon that looks like a flower. To make your logo look rustic, select a font from the Wordmark section with serifs (little tails) that are not rounded but edgy. The word “beach” could be reflected in the color palette you pick, perhaps sandy, beige tones. Have fun with your design! If you have questions, don’t hesitate to send me a note via the Questions button in the bottom right corner.

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