Health Logo

This modern logo maker lets you create design ideas for a health logo with professional symbols and fonts.

Before diving into the design of the health logo, research popular logos from the health industry. From CVS, United, Northwell, Mercy, Atrium, and Prisma, popular health brands often use minimal wordmarks (logos using text only) or a classic combination of abstract symbols paired with a wordmark.

If you are looking to create a logo for a health organization or service, whether that’s in the mental, fitness, or wellness space, start by outlining your competition. Take a sheet of paper and list each alternative option for your customer. Write down how they communicate with their customers, their website’s color palettes, and what their logos look like.

The next step is to find your brand positioning. Positioning is how you are customers will talk about you when you are not around. What words would you like them to use? The final step is to translate the positioning into your health logo design. Start by typing your health brand name below and from the logo ideas, see what design direction resembles your brand positioning best.

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