Handyman Logo

Get free handyman logo ideas and design a modern business logo—super simple with fonts and templates.

This quick tutorial shows you how to design a handyman logo by using a modern online logo maker with cool fonts and symbols.

You can of course start with a template by going to our homepage but try out the logo ideas generator tool we built to see one hundred custom logo ideas really fast. Type in your name below and click the Next button to get to it. Then, scroll through the designs, most of them are simple and minimal, pick a draft design you like. You can adjust the following inside the logo maker app.

First, in the Wordmark section, click through the different font styles. If you pick Bauhaus Geo, you’ll get a lot of alternative letter designs. Click on a letter of your handyman business name on the white large area and a new window will show you alternative designs. Click another letter to swap the original one out. Once you’re set, download the file.

Try our Handyman Logo logo maker for free

1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo