Hair Salon Logo

From creative design ideas to a modern hair salon logo, this online logo maker provides inspiration and lets you design an awesome logo super fast.

From creative design ideas to a hair salon logo that looks modern and beautiful, this online logo maker provides the path from inspiration to final logo result fast.

I know you might be looking for common hair salon logo symbols first, such as a pair of scissors, a nail, or an abstract picture of a stylist, but professional graphic designers start their logo process differently. They start by figuring out the company’s brand positioning. This might sound like a long process but really it is not. It is one word that you either define or already embody if your business has been around for a while—it is the word your customers use when they talk about you to their friends.

Use this word in all of your marketing materials, or even when you answer your phone. This word should also be reflected in your hair salon logo. The easiest way to find a design that mirrors your positioning is by typing in your hair salon brand name below. This will take you into the logo ideas generator. From the roughly one hundred custom logo ideas, select a design that represents your positioning. Next, click the design and refine the typeface, the letter spacing, and the font-weight in the logo maker app.

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