Gym Logo

This logo maker lets you design a cool gym logo based on free logo ideas—custom designs with modern logo fonts.

Are you looking for a cool gym logo? You may think about common symbols from the fitness industry first—for example, a pass, a gorilla or shark, a world, a skull, a symbol of power, or something related to boxing, bodybuilding, home fitness, or Crossfit.

But, this is not how professional graphic designers go about designing a logo. Brand experts always start with strategy. This is not an overwhelming process; if anything, getting your brand strategy in place makes your logo design process much faster and more straightforward. Finding your brand positioning may take you some time—broken down, positioning is finding one word that you would like your customers to use when they talk about your company when you’re not around.

To get started with your logo design, type your brand name below. This will take you to the logo ideas generator. There, you can browse through many logo designs for your gym logo. Pick a design that represents your brand positioning most, click on customize and you will be taken into the logo maker. In the gray sidebar, play around with the design settings—everything is made for non-designers and is pretty easy to use. If you have questions, please reach out to me via the Questions button in the bottom corner and let me know how I can help.

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