Grey Logo

For a modern grey logo, use this cool logo maker with logo fonts and geometric symbols.

For a modern grey logo, use this cool logo maker based on logo fonts with lots of typographic settings, customized letter designs, and geometric symbols to create a logo and brand identity kit for your social profile or company.

Grey or silver is a color often used by fashion, tech, and car brands, for example, Apple, Wii, WordPress, Lexus, Nissan, Wikipedia, Swarovski, and Coors Light. Positive brand traits for the color gray are: pure, neutral, formal, muted, high-quality, and timeless. Sometimes, however, grey brands seem a little boring, slow, conservative, or expensive.

If you want to create your own gray logo design, start by typing in your brand or profile name below. When you click the Next button, you will get into the logo ideas generator, where you can select a logo font you like. The logo ideas page will show you many other color palettes than grey, but you’ll be able to adjust the tones in the logo maker app when selecting one of the design ideas. Once inside the logo maker app, check out the Colors section, start with one of the presets, and click on a color field below the presets to further modify your grey tone from light, mid, to dark grey.

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