Green Logo

Use this cool logo maker app to create a green logo for your company. Pick from modern color palettes in neon, red, white, and blue.

This quick tutorial shows how you can use the Mojomox logo maker to design a green logo for your company or a social profile.

To generate some logo ideas using typography, step one is to type your brand name below this article into the input field. Then, click the Next button. Next, on the logo ideas page, see if you find a typeface you would like to use for your minimal logo. Some design drafts have a green color palette; others use red, white, blue, and other popular colors. Whether you are looking for neon or a pastel green, no worries, you will be able to pick from various color presets inside the logo maker in the next step.

To get to step three, click the Customize button and get into the logo maker and brand kit creator app. To create a modern-looking brand, two design elements are most important: the typeface and the color palette. First, go into the grey toolbar and click through the font styles under the wordmark section. Then use the sliders below the font buttons to customize your logo’s boldness and letter spacing. To pick a green color palette, go into the colors section and select a preset with green tones. You can customize the green and other two colors by clicking on the color field. It is crucial in branding that your tones mix and match well together. To see a preview of colors in real-time, scroll below the logo editor and check out the automatic brand kit.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo