Graphics Logo

Learn how to design a custom graphics logo using cool logo fonts. From logo idea generator to a modern-looking brand in under 60 seconds.

If you’re looking to design a cool graphics logo for a canopy, tent, or card for your company, I’ll show you how to get from logo ideas to a vector file in under one minute.

A professional designer starts the logo design process with brand strategy. The first step is to examine your competition: What colors do they use? What kinds of fonts do they use for their logos? Then, the brand positioning needs to be defined. Brand positioning is a single word—it is the word that comes to customers’ minds when they engage with your company. The word needs to be different than the company’s competitors.

Now, once in logo design, the positioning needs to be reflected. For example, if the word is “friendly,” use a rounded or sans-serif (no tails) font or a bright color palette. Then, inside the logo maker app, play around with the different logo sliders to customize your graphics logo.

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