Finance Logo

Get inspired by popular finance logos, from Alaska to Yahoo. Learn how to design your own minimal logo to communicate security and personality.

When creating a finance logo it is most helpful to look at some other logos within your space first. For example, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Alaska Housing, Google, or Capital—some logos are wordmarks (logos without a symbol, just text), some have an abstract symbol, and some are very pictorial (almost a real small image).

Modern logos are usually wordmarks or logos with an abstract symbol. The more minimal a logo is the more attention needs to be paid to details in design. An easy way to get started is by defining your finance company’s brand positioning—what does the brand to be known for. Despite having many features or brand traits and services, customers always just remember you for one main thing.

Pick a trait that your finance brand can be great at and see how that trait can be reflected in the design. Is your brand personable? Do you offer handholding in a unique way? Does your service make it easy to understand everything? To get started with ideas for a finance logo, type in your company name to customize your results.

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