Film Logo

Design a film logo for your production company or film festival with modern logo fonts and cool color palettes in under 60 seconds.

In this article, I’ll show you how to design a film logo for a video or motion picture production company or a film festival with an online logo maker using modern logo fonts. Before getting creative, look at some popular film logos, for example, Sundance, Cannes Film Festival, Lucasfilm, and Pegasus.

While historical movie brands often use detailed and large logos like a horse or lions, note that many modern logos consist of a wordmark (no logo symbols) only. As a next step briefly describe how you would like to differentiate your own company from your competition. This is called positioning in branding. You can even summarize your positioning in one single word instead of a full sentence; however, the selected word needs to be from the perspective of your customer or viewer, not you as the company owner or filmmaker. The word might be a reflection of your film style or the movies you select for the film festival.

Then, take your positioning and transfer it metaphorically into your logo design. For example, a San Sarah font is approachable, is there a font feels sophisticated a dark color palette might indicate a general film style of melancholy or indie. Type in your film company name below. This will take you to the logo maker. In the sidebar, you can adjust with simple sliders the font-weight, letter spacing, and color palette of your film logo to match your positioning.

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