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Design a cool engineering logo with this modern logo maker—from creative ideas to logo image in 60 seconds.

I’ll show you how to design an engineering logo with this modern all-in-one logo maker in 60 seconds.

Whether you are looking for a logo in the biomedical, aerospace, science, technology, or consulting field, a professional graphic designer always starts with brand strategy. To do so, the first step is to look at your competitive landscape—what is each competitor known for? Go to their websites and write down what brand colors they have, and what types of fonts and writing styles they use (caps, lowercase, title case; serif (with tails) or sans-serif (no tails)). Do they use a logo symbol (image alongside the brand name) or just a wordmark (text part of the logo)?

You cannot communicate everything you might like in a logo, so the right way to go about this is to prioritize one single brand trait. This is called positioning. Pick one word (or very short phrase) that should come to your customers’ minds when they think about you. Then, transfer this trait into your logo design. Use our free, super easy logo ideas generator—type in your brand name, wait for the ideas to get generated, and see if you see your trait reflected in one of the baseline designs. Is it heavy? Bioenvironmental, advanced, reliable, or civil?

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