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Whether you’re looking to design an energy logo for a drink or for an energy company, professional graphic designers start their logo design process the same way. Check out your competition’s brand identity. Do they mostly use green color palettes or red and black tones? How do they spell their company name—in all caps, lowercase, or title case? For their logo, do they use sans-serif fonts (no tails) or serif fonts (with tails)?

Once you have a good overview find your company positioning. Positioning is the one word that comes to your customers’ minds when they talk about you. You can make this one (!) word (or short phrase) up, but you need to align all of your business and branding efforts accordingly. So if your business only has renewable partners or makes the customer feel like a rockstar, have this trait be transferred into your design. For example, the word renewable can be shown as a literally clean-of-details typeface, like a sans-serif font. Perhaps it’s pretty thin, feeling airy. Or maybe it’s bold to communicate power.

Once you put meaning behind your design your mark will be memorable and stand out the right way. Type your company name below to get started.

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