Elegant Logo

This logo maker lets you design an elegant logo with modern logo fonts for a minimal, timeless brand.

In this article, I will show you how to design an elegant logo based on a modern font that you can customize. Whether you are looking for logo designs for a bakery, a wedding planning business, or a jewelry brand, classy logos are always in style. First, let’s start with a few simple logo ideas. Type your business name below this article into the input field and click “Next.”

You will get to a new page; this page lists over 100 elegant logo ideas for inspiration. Most of these logos are text-based and use a modern color palette. You can make all sorts of adjustments in the next step. For now, pick a design that might be close to what you have in mind for your elegant logo design. Next, click on the Customize button on the right-hand side and get into the Mojomox logo maker app.

Your company name should now be in the big white area in the font style you selected on the logo ideas page. Next, click on any of the letters on your brand name to pull up an alternative design of this letter. Some letter designs are more abstract, and some are closer to the original letter. Then, in the gray sidebar, play with the letter spacing and the font-weight sliders to customize the font style further to fit your idea of an elegant logo.

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo