Electrician Logo

Check out cool electrician logo ideas with this modern logo maker. From template to custom company logo—use the best logo fonts and symbols.

This quick tutorial shows you how to design a cool electrician logo. From template to custom company logo, use the best modern logo fonts and symbols for your business’ brand kit.

Designing a logo usually takes a pretty long time; however, we made this app really simple, so you should be able to generate a custom, professional-looking logo with a brand kit in under one minute. Before you get started with your design, note that it’s best not to start with a symbol for a bolt or a bulb or any other clip art that makes your brand look generic. Instead, start with picking a word (one word is usually perfect!) that aligns with your business principles and that you’d want to or are already known for. This word is called “positioning” in branding.

The next step is to transfer the positioning word metaphorically into your logo design. Start by typing in your Electrician company name below. You will get into the logo ideas generator that gives you a good overview of various styles. Look for a baseline design that reflects your brand positioning word, click on that design (Customize button) and refine your logo in the logo maker app with simple sliders to make your logo bolder or thinner, and use one of the modern color presets (you can finetune each color by using the pickers too).

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1. Type company name2. Select design3. Modify logo